SEO Revolution

War On SEOSEO has been a roller coaster ride for so long now, that many are wondering how to win! With all the different types of updates from Panda, Penguin to now the Hummingbird! What are you doing now that works and what do you see that is hurting?

Here is a tough thought… If you had a site ranking really high and have lost all your positions and in some cases people went from page 1 to page 4 or 5 and can’t seem to get back. There are 2 options:

  1. Leave Your Site along for now and start over with a New one.
  2. Try to fix your site now with all the new rules and changes and hope this works.

The sad part is either will require new content, new coding and meeting Bootstrap rules and Googles Speed Test.  What does this really mean:

  1. New design themed with the Responsive concepts in mind. This means a Mobile Ready site, Tablet Ready site & PC ready site using CSS3 and Java scripting that passes Google!
  2. New content added to your site and using all the new and proper ways of Unique Content, Minimal Keyword & Minimal related keyword. I call this Keyword Mapping and this will become a topic of future discussion.
  3. Video creation – nothing spectacular but enough to explain your business or promote in ways that will go viral. This is not new, but can’t be avoided any longer.
  4. Creative Photos – not just stock photos, but photos branded with your site, tag line, contact details & other call to actions or thoughts to get people sharing and or contacting you.

Finding companies who can do this will not be easy and is not cheap. You can use the language as a starting point to get help, but always look for examples and check googles speed test.

We want to help you, contact us with questions and your needs and we will connect you with the right people.